Sushi Hisako display cases are equipped with a static refrigeration system, achieved either by the usual foamed coil on the bottom tank or by the addition of a double suspended steel frosting tube.

This reduces cooling time and promotes greater temperature homogeneity.
The showcases are supplied with a default operating temperature range of -2°C to +4°C. It is not possible to adjust the temperature outside the factory settings.
At the end of service, the display case must be turned off to allow defrosting. No defrosting is done during use, and the compressor runs continuously to prevent the upper refrigerated coil from dripping on products.
The type of gas used is the standard R290. For remote solutions, thermostatic valves other than the standard are available to meet the requirements of using different refrigerant gases.
All gaskets and plexiglass doors are removable to facilitate routine cleaning.