Premium Sushi Showcases

Stainless Steel

AISI 304 stainless steel frame with a vibratory finish is top of the line for those who want quality and style combined in a single product; it provides maximum strength and durability, as well as giving the display case a modern and elegant look. The vibratory finish of the stainless steel makes the display case unique, reflecting light in a unique way and creating a feeling of movement that captures the attention of passersby. But it’s not just about aesthetics: the AISI 304 stainless steel is highly hygienic and easy to clean, offering maximum food safety for your sushi dishes.


The 10-mm-thick chamber glass with UV welding and 90-degree corner joints prevents cold dispersion and dirt buildup, ensuring maximum visibility and elegance.


Equipped with ultra-thick ultracrystalline plexiglass sliding doors. The doors are removable equipped with recessed handle for safer operations and easy cleaning of the unit.


Designed with rounded and welded contours, specifically prepared for perforated shelves or GN1/3 basins. These components are all removable, allowing for effective, hygienic, and elegant display of food. The showcase adheres to the international standard of hygiene H2, ensuring impeccable cleaning that is both easier and faster.


Digital touch-sensitive thermostat seamlessly integrated into the dashboard, providing a clear display of the set temperature.


Equipped with a full-length dimmable LED light bar that allows you to adjust the brightness to create the desired atmosphere and effectively illuminate the display.

Operator at the Center

Designed with the utmost attention to operator safety and comfort. Thanks to the arrangement of the elements, hot air is directed to the outside of the display case, avoiding discomfort or inconvenience to the operator working behind the display case. He can thus work safely and comfortably without being disturbed by the hot air or moisture generated by the compressor. Thanks to the arrangement of the elements, access to the internal components is quick and easy, making maintenance and cleaning of the showcase a quick and easy task.


HFO1233ZB gas-free foaming, which complies with the strictest health regulations for the working environment. The display case also features 60 mm thick CFC- and HCFC-free insulation, which ensures minimal heat loss and reduced compressor activity to maintain a constant internal temperature.

Drain in Tub

It simplifies daily maintenance and ensures a hygienic working environment. In the version with a built-in motor, the drain ends at the front of the display case and a hose given is connected to drain into a nearby sink. In the remote motor version, the drain is connected directly to the water supply.