Exclusive finishes, colors, lights and details to respond exactly to the client’s style.

Starting from customers’ personal needs and dialog with architects, interior designers and catering consultants, we strive to offer an ideal solution that best meets any need and environment, with the aim of enhancing any business.

  • Satin or vibratory INOX finish.
  • Painting Full range of matte/glossy RAL colors.
  • Custom logo Using laser engraving, any logo can be imprinted on the steel structure. The result obtained is permanent and extremely resistant to abrasion.
  • Glass color Not only extra-clear: numerous glass colors are available to best meet all needs while maintaining the high hardness and heat resistance performance typical of tempered glass.
  • LCD glass technology Hiding the inside of the display case is now as easy as turning off the light. With LCD glass technology, the glass walls are temporarily blurred with a specific electrically controlled coloring. In this case, metal profiles must be applied to the glass joints.