Refrigerated showcases for sushi with condensing group included inserted in the technical compartment. Ready to use.
The sushi display cases are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and equipped with a 10 mm thick extra-clear tempered glass frame with UV welding and 90° angular joints to avoid dispersions and the formation of dirt and to offer maximum visibility and elegance and to ensure better performance, as well as total product visibility. They have clean and elegant lines for a design that combines functionality and ergonomics, technique and aesthetics and also offer many other advantages:
Technical compartment that can be positioned on the right or on the left to fully meet the needs of functionality and design
Dimmable LED light to illuminate and create the right atmosphere
Large upper surface for placing plates
Double bottom designed for perforated support shelves or for GN 1/3 containers, all removable for displaying dishes with maximum efficiency, hygiene and elegance
Removable louvre with an attractive design to facilitate cleaning of the dust filter and facilitate ventilation of the technical compartment (longer life of the compressor)
Bottom tank with rounded edges and welded according to the international H2 hygiene standard for impeccable, easier and faster cleaning
Digital touch thermostat installed flush with the dashboard to display the set temperature
Removable plexiglass sliding doors with recessed handle for safer operations and easy cell cleaning
Insulation thickness up to 60 mm and free of CFC and HCFC to keep the internal temperature constant by limiting heat dispersion and compressor activity
The Climatic Class 3 allows the correct exposure of the food even in professional environments with high temperatures (with an ambient temperature up to a maximum of 25°C and with a relative humidity up to 60%)