About Hisako: A Journey of Sea-Inspired Excellence

The sea has played a fundamental role in my life. I spent 20 years on my fishing boat in the Mediterranean Sea, which became my first home. My experience as a captain has taught me that, in addition to the quality of the fish itself, it is crucial to know how to handle and store the product according to strict rules. This ensures that it is offered in the best possible condition to please the palates of those who enjoy it. Maintaining an uninterrupted cold chain, from the moment of fishing to serving on the plate, is of utmost importance.
The turning point in my journey came when I received an invitation from an overseas customer to negotiate a significant deal involving Mediterranean tuna. Without hesitation, I set sail for Japan, the intended destination.
One evening, I accompanied my client to an Omakase restaurant, where the sushi man has complete freedom to select and prepare dishes. It was there that I had the pleasure of meeting a delightful waitress who enthusiastically explained in great detail the meticulous procedures carried out by the chef during the preparation of sashimi.
That woman is now my wife, and together we live in Italy. It is thanks to her that my idea came to life. That trip served as my inspiration to create refrigerated display cases that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Just a year after our marriage, we welcomed our first child into the world: Hisako.
After months of work, I dedicated myself to designing and refining my showcase, striving for excellence in every single detail. I then presented my design to my wife, who not only supported me but also encouraged me to seek the assistance of an Italian company that could provide technical expertise and help bring my initiative to fruition.
After some time, I came across a company that expressed its willingness to collaborate in the development of this project. However, there was one thing missing: a name. Suddenly, a solution flashed in my mind like a lightning bolt: Hisako.
I decided to name my showcase after my daughter, Hisako, which means “longevity” in Japanese. The company was so enthusiastic about the idea that they not only approved the production but also established a dedicated division for my showcases. This ensured the highest quality standards and enabled the product to be launched in the market promptly while leaving room for the development of new and diverse variations.